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Clubs & Organizations

The Students' Union supports clubs and organizations:

  • by providing a platform for students to self-organize through the CMSU mobile app

  • by financially backing proposal requests 

Self Organization

Students clubs are entirely run by students, but they benefit both the campus and larger community. To start a club, follow these steps:


  • Find one or two other students who want to help you organize events and activities

  •  Contact with your club idea so they can create a shell for you on the mobile app

  •  Direct new members to download the app, where your club's admin team will interact with club members


That's it! Once your club is created and you have enough members, you can plan relevant activities and meet ups. If you require access to funding for activities, keep reading!

Being a Club Administrator

What does it look like being a club administrator? 

  • organizing meetings, events and activities

  • looking after your club's budget

  • interacting with club members on the CMSU mobile app

  • raising awareness about the club to attract new members

  • creating posters and other materials to promote the club

All club administrators qualify for a letter of employment reference upon request. 

Apply For Funding

While most clubs are free to join, some club activities might require materials, facilitators and special event spaces, all of which cost money. This is where the students' union comes in. Fill out the application below to submit a funding proposal for review. .


We typically allocate $300 to each club per year, and applications are assessed based on need and funding availability.

Application for Funding

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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