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An appeal or complaint can be filed when you feel a college employee has treated you unfairly or if you feel that a college policy has been infringed upon. An appeals committee composed of Student Services employees, faculty, and students’ union representatives will review and discuss each case in confidence to determine an outcome based on current policy, and approved curriculum outlines. All academic and personal conduct policies can be found on the College website here

CMSU provides assistance and support to students that are going through an appeals process. It is recommended that inquiries are made as early as possible for better guidance on the process, and to ensure your appeal is filed on time.


If you would like to appeal a final grade or make a complaint, you are first encouraged to resolve the matter with your instructor or the person with whom you are experiencing the issue. If you feel unsafe doing so, or if you feel the matter has not been resolved after this initial discussion, you can file a formal appeal or complaint using the forms below:

Final Grade Appeal Form

General Appeal Form

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