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Want to provide a voice for your fellow students while gaining valuable work and volunteer experience? Join our board of directors!


As a non-profit organization, we are led by a group of volunteer CMTN students who make financial, policy, and governance decisions on behalf of the students’ union. No prior experience is necessary, and we are always happy to support your training and development in any of the roles on our board.


What does being on our board look like?


  • Attend monthly board meetings to discuss students’ union business

  • Plan fun and engaging events for students

  • Raise awareness of student issues by tabling, talking to classmates and instructors, and engaging the public with our campaign work

  • Liaison with decision making bodies at the college and government level to advocate for student issues

  • Travel to different parts of the province to meet with your counterparts as part of the BC Federation of Students. These include general meetings, executive meetings and skills development opportunities.

  • Be an ambassador of the organization by connecting students with the resources and information they need to access our services


Monthly time commitment: 5-10 hours/month, depending on availability.


What are the perks?

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Resume building and reference provided upon request

  • Small honorarium provided

  • Paid travel


Where do I sign up?


Board members are elected on a one-year term every year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in late October or early November. When you attend the AGM, you can choose to submit your name for nomination.


There are 7 positions on our board of directors. To be eligible to run for a position, you must be a current student who has paid the students’ union membership fee. Within these 7 positions, every position is an advocate for student issues and a representative or ambassador of the students’ union. This means that directors are expected to help plan and be present for most events, advocacy opportunities and other engagements. Besides general duties, there are also expectations specific to each position. These are outlined below:



  • Typically this person is the board meeting chair, meaning they lead meetings and keep the group on track, seek motions, and create meeting agendas and minutes with the support of the organiser

  • Spokesperson for the organization

  • Generally well-connected or motivated to network with other members of the campus community

  • Typically an official signer on all banking accounts for the organization

  • Liaison with Education Council, Board of Governors and other governing bodies when needed



  • Liaison with Organiser and Bookkeeper to maintain overview of finances

  • Typically an official signer on all banking accounts for the organization

  • Recommend changes or feedback about the annual budget proposal


Executive Committee Member

  • Represents our Local at all meetings of the Executive Committee.

  • Write Executive Committee Reports, typically 4-6 page template that must be filled in 4 times a year and reports to the BC Federation of Students any updates within our students’ union


Equity Representative

  • Bring work or lived experience from an equity seeking background to discussions

  • Advocate for equity issues within the students’ union and externally


Indigenous Student Representative 

  • candidate identifies as indigenous

  • Willingness to share lived experience and other relevant perspectives to support the students’ union’s efforts towards indigenization and reconciliation.


Member at Large x 2 

  • Preference given to candidates from campuses outside of Terrace

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