Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved with the Students’ Union:

  • Board of Directors: The purpose of the Board of Directors is broadly to oversee the operations of the Students’ Union, making financial decisions and providing direction to the Organiser on matters relating to events, services and advocacy. They are also the face of the students’ union: they represent the organization at events and engage students in issues affecting the student body. Directors also help engage other students in campaigns that are being championed on a provincial scale by the BC Federation of Students. There are various positions on our Board of Directors, and individuals are elected to these roles at our Annual General Meeting every October. For more information on these elections, check out this page.
  • Sub-committees: From time-to-time, the Students’ Union will seek out individuals from the membership to advise on sub-committees. These subcommittees help provide students perspectives on various issues that the Board of Directors or College will make decisions on. These issues can range anywhere from deciding on commissioned artwork for new buildings, or providing student representation on a grade appeals committee. For more information on getting involved on a sub-committee, please contact
  • Volunteer: We can always use volunteers to help with events and day-to-day tasks at the students’ union. Whether you’re helping set up an event, distribute posters, or creating content for social media, our operations are greatly enhanced by the generous support of student volunteers. To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please contact


  • Gain leadership experience and other professional development
  • Network with students, other schools and community leaders
  • Make a difference both at Coast Mountain College and as part of the BC Federation of Students
  • Honorariums and travel reimbursement provided