The purposes of the Students’ Union are:

To organise students on a democratic, co-operative basis for advancing students’ interests, and advancing the interests of the students’ community;

To provide a common framework within which students can communicate, exchange information, and share experience, skills, and ideas;

To bring students together to discuss and co-operatively achieve necessary educational, administrative, and legislative change wherever decision-making affects students;

To facilitate co-operation among students in organizing services which supplement the learning experience, provide for human needs, and which develop a sense of community with our peers and with other members of society;

To articulate the desire of students to fulfill the duties and be accorded the rights of citizens in British Columbia, in Canada, and in the international community;

To achieve the goal of a system of post-secondary education which is accessible to all, which is of high quality, and which is rationally planned; which recognizes the legitimacy of student representation and the validity of students’ rights; and whose role in society is clearly recognized and appreciated.

About Your Students’ Union

History and Role of Your Students’ Union

The Students’ Union has existed since the formation of the College in 1975. In 1989, the Students’ Union was formally incorporated as a not-for-profit society, and in 1990 students voted overwhelmingly to become members of the Canadian Federation of Students. In 2004, students voted to change the name of the Students’ Union from the Northwest Community College Students’ Association to the Northwest Community College Students’ Union. In 2009-2010 the current structure of the Students’ Union was adopted.

Since that time, the Students’ Union’s Board of Directors has worked to increase the autonomy of the Students’ Union. At one time, the students’ association on campus was little more than a bill-receiving account governed by the college, decisions were not made by democratically elected students nor was there a functional board of directors, financial oversight procedures or year to year continuity of services, events, or advocacy work.

The role of the Union is to provide a common voice for students’ concerns, to assist students in working together for the goal of a high-quality, universally accessible, publicly funded post-secondary education, and to provide services and events that enrich the lives of all members.

With the failing of the CFS, our membership spoke to separate ourselves from the National organization in November 2017 and remain a local of the British Columbia Federation of Students. This was achieved in June 2018 when CFS membership voted to expel all British Columbia member locals from the federation during the National Semi-Annual General Meeting.

In preparation of the College’s rebranding our membership decided on three name options to be voted on during our Special General Meeting in March 2018. At that meeting the name Coast Mountain Students’ Union was elected as a suitable new name. We will continue to work on the founding principles of NWCCSU, and remember the importance of our victories and the tireless work of our members past and present.


0% Interest on BC Student Loans!

We’re happy to announce the BC Government has announced the elimination of interest on Provincial student loans! This is a goal membership has been striving to accomplish for years, and Government has responded. Thank you to everyone for your work, input, and support to achieve our goal.

Employment Opportunity!

Coast Mountain Students’ Union is seeking a highly organized, motivated, and personable individual to assume the position of Students’ Union Secondary Organiser! If you’re interested in working to improve the educational experience for students in post-secondary please read the full job posting to summit your cover letter and resume. Visit our Employment Opportunities page to …


Coast Mountain Students’ Union have offices on the Prince Rupert, Smithers and Terrace Campuses, with the main office situated on the Terrace Campus at 3551 McConnell Avenue. We encourage members to contact your Campus Representatives with any issues, ideas for events, and volunteer opportunities.

Our staff can be reached at any time by email: organiser@mycmsu.ca
Regular office hours are Monday to Thursday: 9am to 4pm, Friday: 9am to 2pm
Terrace Campus Office Phone: 1-250-635-6511 ext. 5458
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